What is a joiner

Joiners are skilled craftsmen whom build ornamental or intricate items from timber, normally producing items such as doors, windows or furniture.

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At Mk Complete Joinery Ltd all our joiners are expert craftsmen with a combined experience of over 150 years between them. Our joiners work with our design teams to produce truly bespoke products our customers, working on projects such as timber front doors, solid wood bi-fold doors, Accoya® sash windows and casement windows as well as so much more.

The vocation of 'Joiner' is defined as a skilled tradesperson who works with timber to create different fixtures, fittings and constructions, particularly lighter and more ornamental work than that a carpenter undertakes. Joiners are invaluable to the construction industry as they create many of the items or components a carpenter will then install on a construction site. As an example, joiners would make doors or windows and their frames that will be fitted by a carpenter in the build of houses and offices.

Joiners cut, fit and construct items solely from wood, without the use of metal fasteners, such as brackets, nails or screws. Much of the work joiners do does have a crossover with carpentry, however becoming a joiner is a skilled trade in its own right.

Typical day-to-day duties for a Joiner may include:

  • Measuring materials
  • Cutting and shaping furniture and fittings
  • Assembling doors, door frames, windows, staircases, and other structures
  • Constructing larger installations, such as shop interiors or film/TV sets
  • Working with other tradesman, such as carpenters and plasterers, to complete the project

A Site Joiner will generally specialise in 1st, 2nd and final fix work. Projects could include commercial, industrial, refurbishments and fit-outs.

The main duties of a Site Joiner are as follows:

  • Fitting wooden structures such as doors, window frames, staircases, partition walls, roof timbers, floor and roof joints (1st fix).
  • Installing doors, cupboards, skirting boards, door surrounds, shelving and ironmongery (2nd fix).
  • Snagging work (final fix).

If you are looking for an experienced, professional, reliable team of craftsmen & joiners that care about your project and are dedicated to quality, Mk Complete Joinery is the choice for you, so why wouldn't you choose us (many other happy customers have)?

Hero image by Anonymous artist - http://www.digibib.tu-bs.de/?docid=00000286, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=981583

Our joinery services

We offer a range of joinery services, specialising in the bespoke production of traditional doors, windows, box&sash and casemants, always ensuring our projects are of the highest quality and make our costumers happy.

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